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Friday, April 04, 2014 - Michael and Kiki wins the Top Couple Crown today from the other hot pairings! In addition, they finished with one of the best overall "like percentages" among the current couples with 49%! Meanwhile, Robert and Anna wins the top spot on the couple's wish list over all their competitors! Be as it may, the best-looking character on GH for Friday, April 04, 2014 is Kelly Monaco (Sam) with a rating of 7.26! This is one of the many times this character has been rated tops in looks! Be as it may, thanks GH fans for doing such a great job of voting for your favorites!

The most enthusiastic fan site or message board for today is Patrick and Robin MB which is a Patrick and Robin fan forum! Congratulations to the webmasters and to all the members on that board!


Top Fan Bases
Silas & Sam Fans
Michael & Kiki Fans
Pat & Sabrina Fans
Sonny & Olivia Fans
Dante and LuLu fans

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Who's your favorite couple? Thursday's winner: Silas and Sam with 17,451 (21%) bumps! (Visitors, please make legit bumps! No tricks please! Robot votes will not count!)
Bump the person that you would like to see back on the GH canvas?
Thursday's winner: Steve Burton with 15,452 (23%) bumps!

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The Rating Scale
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10 - rating = legendary
9m- rating = superb
8m- rating = great
7m- rating = good
6m- rating = solid
5m- rating = average
anything below 4 = bad
Friday, April 04, 2014
Top 5 Couples (Current)
Michael and Kiki 49%m 5.53
Duke and Anna 54%m 5.44
Spinelli and Ellie 52%m 5.41
Sonny and Olivia 52%m 5.31
Dante and Lulu 54%m 5.29

Top 5 Male Characters
Sonny Corinthos 53%m 6.07
Luke Spencer 59%m 6.01
Robert Scorpio 53%m 5.99
Duke Lavery 50%m 5.99
James Franco 52%m 5.96

Top 5 Female Characters
Anna Scorpio 54%m 6.11
Carly Corinthos 48%m 6.01
Sabrina Santiago 51%m 5.95
Elizabeth Webber 50%m 5.92
Alexis Davis 55%m 5.90

Top 5 Couples (All-Time)
Robert and Holly 52%m 6.14
Sonny and Brenda 55%m 6.11
Stone and Robin 61%m 5.98
Scott and Dominique 60%m 5.96
Frisco and Felicia 51%m 5.93

Top 5 Most Wanted Couples!
Robert and Anna 53%m 5.80
Silas and Sam 50%m 5.49
Shawn and Carly 51%m 5.32
Spinelli and Maxie 47%m 5.24
Matt and Maxie 50%m 5.23

Top 5 Popular
Maurice Benard m +2330
Laura Wright m +2272
Kelly Monaco m +2256
Dominic Zamprogna m +2254
Jason Thompson m +2241

Note: The % number on the toplist, represents the overall "like percentage". Only 1 vote is counted per member for each character or couple in the allotted 24-hour period.

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